Grounded practice. Soulful expression.


Lamia Barbara is an internationally touring dancer, yogini and teacher, writer, world traveler based in Palermo, Italy. Passionate researcher in the path of dance and Yoga with over 10 years of extensive training, studying and performing all over the world, Lamia’s vision of dance aims towards grounded practice and soulful expression.

Lamia’s journey into dance and Yoga began as a teenager, exploring several art forms in the ongoing research of the connection between poetry and body expression.
Her various training includes oriental dance, ballet, contemporary dance, Butoh theater-dance and Aikido (Japanese martial art). Lamia’s continuous education into Yoga was and still is the red thread that connects all these art forms together in her practice.
Lamia’s intensive years of training were supported by a theoretical and philosophical research into Indian artistic tradition and Yoga philosophy that led her to discover Bharatanatyam (classical dance from South India).
Lamia deeply committed to the study of this dance form and is currently completing her bachelor degree in Bharatanatyam at the Conservatory of Vicenza under the direction of her teacher Nuria Sala Grau. Beside the extensive dance training, her academic formation at the Conservatory also includes Indian music and singing, Sanskrit and many historical, philosophical and theoretical studies. Her dedication also led her to travel to India on a year basis to undergo intensive training with some of India’s greatest masters of this art form and dig deeper into Yoga practice and philosophy.

Rooted in her traditional studies, Lamia’s holistic approach to dance explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with an emphasis on the ethic of experimental fused dances. Taking inspiration from her studies in dance and Yoga, Lamia’s unique teaching and performing style blends eastern and western elements, tradition and modern expression, searching for that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance.


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  • September 7 – 10 \ Zagreb (Croatia) \ Fusion Faire \ link
  • September 24 \ Palermo (Italy) \ infos TBA
  • October 21 – 22 \ Athens (Greece) \ Tribalnatyam Greece \ link
  • November 18 – 19 \ Catania (Italy) \ infos TBA
  • November 24 – 26 \ Marseille (France) \ infos TBA
  • December 1 – 3 \ Nantes (France) \ infos TBA
  • December 8 – 10 \ Barcelona (Spain) \ The Tribal Experience \ link
  • January 2 – 6 \ Bangalore (India) \ infos TBA
  • January 8 – 14 \ Shenzhen (China) \ infos TBA

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