Hi, and welcome to my blog.

It has been a very weird time. And even here, sitting (or better said, laying on the floor) in front of my laptop, I’m wondering if I should write these words in Italian or English.
Let’s keep the English, but be warned I might mess up many times.

This 2020 is unexpectedly moving us forward or backward in time. How many of you, in quarantine, have found yourself digging through the memories of the past or speculating about the chances of the future? Me, with no doubts, I am part of this team.
Even today, with no quarantine but with this ever-present melancholic feeling that accompanies these weird days, I’m here in front of this pale screen looking at the messy bunch of photos I collected during many years of crazy life, transformational processes, soul meetings.

I spent most part of my life craving for human connection as I was caught up in too many aspirations and lines that were extending in too many directions. So now, in this lonely yet revealing 2020, I’m experiencing how connection starts from that very fragility we usually hide in front of others.

Many words, I see. So let me share with you a few pics I’ve found in the bottom of the closet, and the stories that they gently whisper.

Baby Lamia dancing her Oriental routine during her school show in 2007. Gosh I loved those purple hand-sleeves.
The usual: trying to sew something with my creativity furry partner.
With the KoreNaga dance company in 2014. Missin’ those days of dance and friendship.
A panda riding a panda found in Japan, 2017.


Lamia Barbara, member of CID Unesco (International Dance Council) and Yoga teacher recognised by Y.A.N.I., is an internationally touring dancer, yogini and teacher, writer, world traveler based in Palermo, Italy. Passionate researcher in the path of dance and Yoga with over 15 years of extensive training, studying and performing all over the world, Lamia’s vision of dance aims towards grounded practice and soulful expression.

Lamia’s journey into dance and Yoga began as a teenager, exploring several art forms in the ongoing research of the connection between poetry and body expression. Her various training includes oriental dance, ballet, contemporary dance, Butoh theater-dance and Aikido (Japanese martial art). Lamia’s continuous education into Yoga was and still is the red thread that connects all these art forms together in her practice.
The intensive years of training were supported by a theoretical and philosophical research into Indian artistic tradition and Yoga philosophy that led her to discover Bhāratanāṭyam (classical dance from South India). Lamia deeply committed to the study of this dance form and completed her degree in Bhāratanāṭyam, with maximum score cum laude, at the Conservatory of Vicenza under the direction of her teacher Nuria Sala Grau. Beside the extensive dance training, her academic formation at the Conservatory also includes Indian music and singing, Sanskrit and many historical, philosophical and theoretical studies. Her dedication also led her to travel to India on a year basis to undergo intensive training with some of India’s greatest masters of this art form and dig deeper into Yoga practice and philosophy. She’s currently studying with the IITA (International Institute of Tamil Arts), connected with the university of Chennai in India, under the curriculum dedicated to Bhāratanāṭyam dance.
Rooted in her traditional studies, Lamia’s holistic approach to dance explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with an emphasis on the ethic of experimental fused dances. Taking inspiration from her studies in dance and Yoga, Lamia’s unique teaching and performing style blends eastern and western elements, tradition and modern expression, searching for that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance.


Lamia Barbara, membro del CID Unesco (International Dance Council) e docente Yoga riconosciuta Y.A.N.I., è danzatrice internazionale, insegnante e yogini, scrittrice giramondo con sede a Palermo, Italia. Appassionata ricercatrice nella via della danza e dello Yoga con oltre 15 anni di studio intensivo ed esperienza in tutto il mondo, ha insegnato e danzato in Italia, Inghilterra, Europa, Russia, India, Giappone e Cina. La visione della danza di Lamia mira al congiungimento di una solida pratica e un’espressività profonda.

Il percorso di Lamia nel cammino della danza e dello Yoga inizia nell’adolescenza, esplorando diverse forme d’arte nella continua ricerca della connessione tra poesia e espressione corporea. I suoi molteplici studi includono le danze medio orientali, la danza classica e contemporanea, il teatro-danza Butoh e l’Aikido (arte marziale giapponese). La continua dedizione che Lamia applica negli anni allo studio dello Yoga è il filo rosso che connette queste forme d’arte nella sua pratica. Gli anni di intenso studio ed allenamento vengono supportati da una ricerca teorica e filosofica che le permettono di incontrare il Bhāratanāṭyam (danza classica del Sud dell’India). Impegnandosi profondamente nello studio di questa forma d’arte, ha completato con il massimo dei voti cum laude i suoi studi presso il Conservatorio di Vicenza, diploma di laurea in danza Bhāratanāṭyam (Tradizioni Musicali Extra-Europee ad indirizzo Indologico), sotto la direzione della sua maestra Nuria Sala Grau. Oltre all’intenso studio della danza, la sua formazione accademica comprende l’approfondimento pratico del canto e delle percussioni classiche indiane, e quello teorico di storia della musica, indologia, lingua sanscrita, etnomusicologia e molto altro. Desiderosa di approfondire i suoi studi Lamia viaggia in India, dove si reca annualmente per continuare la sua formazione in danza, pratica e filosofia dello Yoga con grandi maestri del settore. E’ attualmente impegnata nel percorso di studi dell’ IITA (International Institute of Tamil Arts), collegato all’università di Chennai in India, con il curriculum dedicato alla danza Bhāratanāṭyam. Radicata nei suoi studi tradizionali, l’approccio olistico alla danza di Lamia esplora la storia, filosofia, teoria e tecnica della danza e della musica con particolare enfasi all’etica delle danze sperimentali di fusione. Prendendo ispirazione dai suoi studi in danza e Yoga, lo stile di insegnamento e performance di Lamia miscela sapientemente elementi orientali e occidentali, tradizione ed espressività contemporanea, alla ricerca di quella sacralità del corpo che appartiene ad ogni danza.


All my touring schedule is postponed to 2021! Dates to be announced.

After many months, I’m more than excited to come back teaching live classes in Palermo. 

Please send me an email for more informations: lamiabarbarabooking@gmail.com