New beginnings
New beginnings

New beginnings

Hello dancers!
I have some exciting news for this inspiring 2021 and I’d love to share them with you <3

First, let me say it out loud: happy New Year! 
As we say goodbye to 2020, I’d like to set a list of things I learned and I’m grateful for (scroll down to read them). Yes, this last year was tough for all of us but, also, gave us precious opportunities to stop, look around, and learn. 
I learned a lot – and by saying that, I realise that my life is now completely different. I recently read that the word “crisis” derives from the ancient greek krino, meaning to separate, discern, assess. It’s usually referred to as a negative word but if we embrace the original meaning we can realise the positive side of it: a moment of reflection and judgement, the necessary pause before we can move on towards improvement, rebirth, and upcoming flourishing. And that’s what I would love to wish you all for this new time ahead: a beautiful, joyful flourishing!

Riding these renewed energies, I’d like to share with you some exciting news!

A new batch of Fusion Bellydance Zoom classes is starting next week! 
Every Thursday of January, 7:00-8:00 pm (Rome time).
The big news is that you can apply for these upcoming classes directly from my Patreon page, that will give you access to all previous recorded videos as well as to short combos and drills videos just for you!
I’d love to see you joining these sessions live but if you can’t attend the class, you’ll find the recorded version directly in this space.
Come take a look by clicking the link below:

A beautiful, refreshing, lovely morning practice!

Join me for this new exciting journey: live streaming Yoga practice, every Saturday at 10:00 am!
Join the community on Facebook to have FREE ACCESS to this sessions! Recorded videos of all classes will be found in the FB group “Dance and Yoga with Lamia” (access by clicking the button below).
Donate what you can! You can join by sliding scale donation (suggested donation: 5/15 euro) through PayPal:

I’m grateful:

  • for the passing time, the transformation, the unpredictable changes of tides, because they teach me to flow and to acknowledge the preciousness of little things;
  • for this body, this amazing synaesthetic experience we call life, because when we inhabit our sensitivity every single day is different, full of wonder, full of magic;
  • for my fears, dear hidden partners from a long long time, carefully leading me towards the realisation of who I really am;
  • for the fallen leaves, the time of rest, the seeming stillness in which new life is about to flourish;
  • for the warm gazes of friendly souls I meet in this journey with no destination.